Monday, November 20, 2006

Food For Thought

I had a tough conversation with a fellow minister here. He commented that sometimes all he can afford for his family is bread and bananas. He knows many people who have never eaten something as simple as cheese; partly because it has to be refrigerated and partly because it is not a necessity.
Commercials for healthy eating are ignored by the rich and made fun of by the poor because they are so far away from their normal lives. Some eat the chef's choice wherever they are, but in doing so they spend more than most entire families have for a month of food. Think about that when you can afford to by healthy choices; there are more ways to model Christ than you can imagine. My friend ended by saying he was happy because he knew every bite came from God. May we feel the same way.


Mom T. said...

What a fitting Thanksgiving reflection. This is so tough for us middle-class North Americans to get our heads around. Most of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world live in relative poverty. We need the reminder to not get caught in the desires of this world--we are not asked to be ascetics, but to be conscious of the source of all blessings and to share what we have.

Anonymous said...

Thanku,Lord!!Go,Russ! Go,Val!May theLordBeYOURGuidingLight!!!Praying for you...all the JOYOF LEARNING&GROWING&Friendships!

luke hartman said...

I'm often ashamed at how spoiled I am. I don't particularly like cheese, and yet I can eat it far more than most people. May God make us truly grateful for what we have.