Thursday, September 28, 2006

Something Good and Something to Pray About

Something good: Today was a very happy day in the lives of the Salvador team. Our brand new Sam's Club opened! It was a madhouse but it was so wonderful. It has great deals on a number of things that are hard to come by here. We were excited to see Kraft Dinner and Heinz ketchup in the "gourmet" section! (See? It's always the little things...)

Something to Pray About: This Sunday is Election Day here in Brazil. While we don't necessarily have strong opinions about politics here, we are concerned about the impact that any outcome will have on life. Brazil has made great strides in the past fifteen years and we pray that they are able to keep making progress. So we ask for your prayers as people hit the polls (voting is mandatory, so that's a lot of voters!).


Mom T. said...

Is it the same cheese in the dinner as at home? How about peanut butter--do they have a decent price for peanut butter? The essentials, you know.

JenniferReinsch said...

woohoo for sams.