Wednesday, July 12, 2006

One Week Later

Sorry I forgot to update you guys; I've had a few things on my plate.

Yes, LST finally made it here at around 1:00 Friday morning. After a slow start, they now have more than 50 readers and the church building is full much of the time. It's very exciting. They're having their first social event tonight so we're excited to get to meet all of the students.

Russ and I are just about ready to leave for Winnipeg. We're headed to the travel agent in a few minutes to see if we need to change our Varig flight to something else. Varig is pretty unreliable these days. (Just ask Jenn and the LST team!) We are sooooo excited to see our families and our suitcases are full of treats for them. (Sssshhh! Don't tell them--it's a surprise!) And I'm incredibly excited that Joel and Susan will be starting their new life together. In the same city. Finally!

I'll try to let you know how our trip is going; maybe even post some wedding pictures. But if the two weeks go by without an update, know that we're having a great time!

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amanda said...

Wow! You guys have been really busy while I have been out of touch. Congratulations on the baptizm!! I am also excited about the LST team being there. I hope you guys get a lot of contacts from that.

I laughed when I read that the Brazilians are quick to point out faults. The Italians are so like that too! We get a little tired of being told how much weight we've gained...especially when they turn around and insist we eat a lot of everything they cook for us!! :) Gotta love 'em though!

Have a great time on your trip! Give Susan a hug for me!