Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Game Day

The Crew
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It's amazing to think that some of you may not even be aware that the World Cup is going on right now. Here in Brazil it is all-consuming. On game day, life just stops. TVs appear everywhere. The streets are dead. The game is punctuated by screaming, firecrackers and cars honking. It's an incredible experience.

We've been showing the games on our screen at church. We've been getting a pretty good turn-out--both our regular visitors and their friends and family. This past Sunday, the game was at 1:00, so we offered lunch after worship so everyone could stay and watch the game. People came to church decked out in their team colors. Almost every person who came to church stayed for the game and a few more showed up later. It was our first all-church event and we were thrilled by how well it went. Everyone's already looking forward to the next game (Thursday). We're glad we have the resources to take advantage of this opportunity to make our motley crew feel like a family.

After the game, we boarded a bus and headed to our team retreat. We've spent the past three days reviewing our strategy and evaluating our efforts so far. Needless to say, we're exhausted, but hopefully I'll post about that soon.

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amanda said...

That is such a good idea to have a church game watching party! World Cup is really big in Italy too, basically exactly what you described. We don't even have to watch the game to know how many goals they scored, you just have to listen to the sound effects from the neighbors! :)

I do have to say I am jealous that you have a team with which to have a team retreat. We have decided that if we return to mission work, it will definitely have to be with a team.