Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Yesterday the owner of the building we have been looking at accepted our (rather low) offer. The walkthrough will be done next Monday. We will be signing the contract on January 2. In a nutshell, WE HAVE A CHURCH BUILDING!!!

In a couple of weeks I'll post some pictures of the space. Until then, just know the following:

-it's bigger than we could have possibly dreamed
-it has space for worship, classes and offices
-it's already outfitted with awesome bathrooms
-we have great landlords who are very supportive
-it's across the street from the beach
-it's located on Rua Espirito Santo (technically named after a Brazilian state, but literally means Holy Spirit Street!)

This building is an answer to prayer. We did not think this building was even a possibility but God has cleared every obstacle in our way. We praise Him for providing so abundantly! Please keep praying until the contract is officially signed. But mostly, we invite you to rejoice with us. Our visions of our inaugural service and the future church are becoming clearer and clearer now that we know where we'll be meeting.

Thinking of that, we have our first small group meeting tomorrow night. It's thrilling to be launching that ministry. With God's help, we will already have a great core group of believers when we officially open the doors of the building on April 2.


Karen said...

Wonderful news! So glad to hear how God is working there. And what an added bonus that it's across the street from the beach! How many churches in the US can say that?!

Heather A said...

Woooo-hooooo! I literally cheered out loud when I read this wonderful news on your blog!!! I'm so happy for you guys!! As always, you are in my prayers...I can't wait to see all of you and the new church when I come again this June!!!
Give my love to everyone!

dave said...

kickin. it'll be great. keep the trust hot, the faith kickin and the coffee fresh.

love david.

JenniferReinsch said...

praise god! that is wonderful.

Mom T. said...

Wonderful! Our Father has many souls who are looking for Him in Salvador--this facility will help you find and serve them. I an hardly wait to see it. Then walk on the beach.

Court said...

That's terrific, Val! What does one say upon an occasion such as this? Congratulations? ;o) I'm very glad for you guys and for the church there. God truly does hear and answer our prayers when he knows the time is right.

Holy Spirit Street, eh? Sounds divine. Ha ha, I crack me up. ;o)