Monday, November 07, 2005


I missed homecoming.

Last weekend was homecoming at Oklahoma Christian. I think I've managed to make it every year until now. I went when I was in college because I had to- we always had a club alumni breakfast where the new Beta girls, who had to go, would sit and pretend like they knew the old Beta girls, who weren't there to see anyone but each other. And that was fine, as the years passed and friends graduated, I did know some of the older girls.

After I graduated, I stayed in Oklahoma City for a couple of years but didn't see many of my college friends on a regular basis. No reason in particular, we just went to different churches and became part of different social circles. But I looked forward to homecoming as a change to see those friends, who were ususally coming for the same reason. Plus it was an excuse for Jenny to visit. And because of our work with the college ministry, I actually knew many of the younger girls, so I had lots of people to see.

We moved to Abliene for training but came back for homecoming. That time it was more important to see those friends, because they weren't just across town. At the time, I thought it would be my last one because we were originally going to arrive here in October 2004. But we moved the date to March and we got to go one last time.

And now here we are again. I've read on several friends' blogs that they were planning on going. To you, I say, "I'm jealous!" And then there's the rest of you, flung out around the world, for whom the weekend trip just isn't a possibility. To you, I say, "I'm sorry." But regardless of which category you fit in, if you're a college friend of mine and read this blog (and chances are I read yours too), then I guess homecoming would have been just a formality! We know what's going on in each others' lives! But somehow, it's not the same. If anyone figures out how to post a hug in the comments section, let me know.

There's an obvious spiritual application to be made here. I could talk about the longing we should feel for our real homecoming. I could remind all of you (and myself) that even if I never make it to another OC homecoming, I will be reunited with these friends and so many more one day. I'll hopefully get to introduce them to Brazilians who are there because we're here. And all that is true. But I'm still a little sad.


Jenny said...

I miss homecoming too. I also miss random excuses to come visit. You know the ones: Kohls is having a sale; No one's having a sale; I want to eat at Joe's; I just miss you guys. Yea, those excuses.

Robert Goodrick said...

Russ and Val, you were both missed at homecoming. It just wasn't the same. Brought out some old pictures and people are like, "Hey, there's Russ and Val." This is the point where I would turn and say, "you remember that?" but alas, I could not. You do have a great excuse though, and God has great things planned for you.

Valerie said...

Thanks, guys. We definitely miss the both of you! On the plus side, our absence means we finally made it! (And so did Steve and Kristi!) That's a blessing beyond compare.

Hey Jenny, I think there's a sale at my mall this weekend- wanna come?

Jenny said...


Keri Ginn said...

Val (& Russ), well, I read your blog quite a bit. I like to know what is going on in your world ministry wise. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to support you in any way. Praise God for those who are willing to minister around the world! Praying for you here in Germany!
Keri Ginn