Thursday, July 21, 2005


It was hard to get up this morning. Is it possible to have a food hangover? Last night was Stacey's birthday. When the Perkins came a couple of weeks ago they brought the team a brick of Velveeta and a huge bottle of Pace so we decided to bust them out for the birthday celebration. We made fajitas, Randy made a ton of tortillas, Matt and Mary picked up two kilos of tortilla chips from the Mexican restaurant and we ate ourselves sick. I never thought I'd be so excited to eat processed cheese, but the queso was incredible. I think we put on an excellent birthday spread for Stacey (topped off by my zucchini cake).

Food has a new significance here. It's one of those things that connects us with "home". A familiar taste brings back a flood of memories and feelings of comfort. I don't want to have American food every day, but once in a while it's so exciting to eat the food of our homeland. In moderation of course. Not like last night. Unless there's queso involved.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am not sure you know me. My name is Ed Cantrell. My wife, Courtney (Weger), and I work with the church in Chemnitz, Germany. (by the way we are both OC grads too) I found your blog and have been rading the last few days. I think it is super that your team has been able to get started so well.

I understand about food from home. I can be happy with any food because I like to eat, but there is nothing like food from home.

Keep your spirits high and use the small things that give you encouragement and joy to keep you going strong.


Valerie said...

Hi Ed! I totally know who you are because Courtney and I spent many wonderful hours together battling the evils of closed-mindedness in Honors classes.

We're following your work, too. The internet makes it such a small world now- missionaries from Brazil and Germany can keep tabs on each other on a daily basis. Pretty awesome.

Thanks for the encouragement!

ryan said...

i know exactly how you feel -- it's odd the things you miss. when i was in japan, i missed water fountains and garbage dumpsters. no lie, i almost cried when i saw them while visiting guam. and i splurged on the food when i returned, spent a month eating nothing but random fast foods.